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It's the Apocalypse, Dave 2: Watch For Spiders

July 13, 2018

While it's not my favorite of Wise's works, it's hard to deny the lazy every-man charm of Dave. He's not politically correct all the time, but he's trying to be a better person. He's a hero-in-progress, which is why I liked this one more than the first adventure. The first book was a humorous look at an apocalypse unlike any Wise or anyone else has written about. For those that don't know, Dave's world is similar to ours except for the fact that one day tentacled monsters started popping out of people that were using electronics. He haphazardly fights back against the creatures with all the effort he can muster. It ends up with him failing a lot at being heroic, which is where the comedic tone of the book really shines. Yet each time he falls, he gets right back up. As long as he's breathing he'll keep fighting. In addition to his persistent fight for survival, Dave also finds a colorful cast of characters. This is something Wise excels at in all his stories. He crafts believable flawed characters. The personalities are so complex that they feel realistic. They never feel one-dimensional, there's always some issues that they must struggle with. I use the word struggle, because that's the challenge of becoming a better person or overcoming your flaws. It's not a one and done deal it's something that has to continually be worked on. I wasn't excited initially for the adventures of Dave, I wanted more Among The Masses, or Lincoln Pierce Mysteries, or more stories in the world of 314. After reading this one, I'm intrigued in Dave's evolution going forward and how the Terramed-pocalypse continues to expand.

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