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Ten for Ten, Marvel Studios Films: #6 Thor: Ragnarok

November 12, 2017

This is the definition of a fun movie. Not in the way that a Transformers or Fast and Furious film can be, where you sit back and enjoy the visual excitement on screen with very little depth. This is fun by having a positive, engaging, colorful feel to it akin to being a kid again. I heard one review compare it to a cartoon action series of the 80s. Depending on your age, that might mean more or less to you. This movie knows how to keep everything moving. In terms of jokes, I found it lighter than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. I wasn't laughing the entire two hours, but the jokes it does use deliver in ways you least expect. One of my favorite moments within the universe is in Age of Ultron where Thor talks about being better than the other Avengers after Cap and Nat are taken out by Wanda Maximoff. That's the Thor we get here, and it's the Thor we got in his first standalone film. Even though the humor is more focused than it was in previous Thor movies, the actions of the character are on point with the previous appearnces. The Dark World was more Loki's movie than it was Thor. Loki go the juicy bits. Here both characters get to shine. Valkyrie gets to shine, Hulk gets to shine, and Hela gets to shine thanks to the charisma and talent of Blanchett. If Hela returns in future Avengers films, Thor could have the most important antagonists of any Avengers stand alone, but I digress. I like that her first choice isn't to destroy Asgard, partially because her powers come from it, but it's to conquer the Realms of their universe. She tells the Asgardian soldiers to stand down, yet they refuse and suffer for it. She doesn't have the depth other villains had, but there's potential for possibly more. At least I hope so. 

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