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Ten for Ten, Marvel Studios Films: #2 Guardians of the Galaxy

November 17, 2017

This movie was number one ever since it came out. I loved the blending of humor and action, with great memorable characters. Rocket is probably my favorite, yet that's no slight on the other heroes. The references to his tortured past help bring a deeper level to the character without over-dwelling on it. Peter Quill is a fantastic lead character. Of course I wouldn't have expected any less form a Disney owned movie to kill off the main character's mother at the beginning of the movie. Drax managed to shift from unintentional humor to a brutal bruiser. His quotes are probably the most used of any of the characters among my family members. I am Groot. Ronan served as a fine villain. He was evil, and overly serious in a way that sets up my favorite moment (Quill challenging him to a dance off, and Ronan being completely confused). He's certainly not a memorable villain by any right, but he served his purpose. The team works great together, both from a humor standpoint and in terms of action. My only critique is that the villains are a bit bare bones. 

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