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Ten for Ten, Marvel Studios Films: #8 Captain America: Civil War

November 7, 2017

Like the rest of the films on this list, this is a really good movie. The marvel of getting all these characters into one film is enough to make the list. Black Panther stole his scenes, Spider Man was an exciting revival of the character, and the conflict made sense. Being Cap's movie I felt it most encapsulated his side of the conflict, whereas the source material operated a bit more in the grey. His relationship with Sharon Carter felt a little awkward despite the momentary chemistry they demonstrated in The Winter Soldier. Tony certainly isn't wrong about there needing to be oversight for the Avengers' actions, we've seen the collateral damage they've brought to Earth. Clint/Hawkeye really worked his way into my heart in this one, I love the chemistry he has with Wanda/Scarlett Witch. Widow/Natasha really kicks ass in this one, some of her action sequences at the marketplace were fantastic. I actually like Zemo as a villain, he's capable and accomplishes his goal. He's not the most terrifying villain, or intimidating, but I appreciated an antagonist that wasn't out for world domination. He's a character with contingency plans each step of the film. The end result was always to drop the 'truth bomb' on The Avengers and turn them against each other. While it might have been more dramatic to kill off a character, I can't blame them for wanting to keep all the players on the field (at least until the next Avengers film). As mentioned earlier with Widow, the action choreography really was awesome something special. You feel each punch and the skill of the characters in each fight is revealing. You forget sometimes why they're all members of The Avengers, but Civil War reminds you in each interaction. 

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