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The Bruja by Michael Molisani

August 27, 2018

Alive isn't necessarily the first word to describe the world of Maggi Lopez, but it's an apt one. From the vivid descriptions of the Bay Area that reminded me of my own time growing up in California, to the new communities and governments established in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, everything has the dirt and grime of life that continues on during the worst of times. Maggi "The Bruja' Lopez is a fascinatingly complex character haunted by metaphorical and literal demons. She's got flaws, tons of them, but she also has a heart. She feels guilt for her past, but doesn't wallow in it. This adventure is her shot at redemption for all the decisions she's made in the past. I loved the mixture of magic into the apocalypse. It felt so different than the other stories in the genre I'm surprised it hasn't been done more. I found it semi-similar to AR Wise's Among the Dead and Dyingespecially toward the end when things get a little more medieval, but there magic is rare and it's more of a medieval zombie infested world. In The Bruja, witches are known and valued members of their factions. Magical creatures pop up in the world, and no one bats an eye. This world is unique, yet familiar, as all good things are and I can't wait for the Mayhem that could ensue in the future.

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