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Ten for Ten, Marvel Studios Films: #10 The Avengers

November 5, 2017

I know, this is a lot of people's favorite, and for some it's the Best of the comic book/superhero films. Personally, the strongest part of this movie is the heroic feat of putting all these characters into one film. Every interaction is electric, not just those with Thor. Cap and Stark heralds their encounters in films to come, Natasha and Bruce's scenes foreshadow their future scenes, and Thor's complicated relationship with Loki comes to a head as the mischievous trickster makes a bid for world domination. Even the Thor vs Hulk/ Loki vs Hulk scenes comes back into play nicely in Ragnarok. A lot of my favorite films from this studio have this one to thank for bringing the family together. Unfortunately, there are somethings that don't work for me as well as I'd like. Loki is a pretty one dimensional villain (unless you've watched Thor, then his motivations were a little more known). Why he's helping Thanos/Chitari conquer Earth is never revealed. One could speculate that Thanos, who's revealed at the end to be behind the invasion, promised to help him take Asgard from Thor and Odin but as far as I'm aware that wasn't mentioned. One other thing that didn't quite hit me, was Coulson's death. I liked his character in Iron Man, the Marvel shorts, and Thor but I never attached to him in the way Marvel intended. I was certainly bummed, because he was a likable character that'd been a part of the universe but I didn't need his death avenged as strongly as they'd intended. I love the character as a part of Agents of Shield, but his role in Avengers left a bit to be desired. I love everything The Avengers set up and assembled, but as it's own stand alone movie it doesn't stand out as well as their other films.

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