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Solo : A Star Wars Story

May 27, 2018

Han Solo's origin isn't one many fans felt compelled to witness. Nevertheless, it exists and it was a fun surface level film with some neat details to Han's early career. The cast/characters are the best part of the film. Beckett, Q'Ira, Han, Lando, and Chewie are all portrayed fantastically. There are some cool nerdy easter eggs to canon that contribute to the history of the universe on a small scale. As mentioned, the film does exist very superficially. It's meant to bring that simplistic fun to Star Wars, and succeeds. My biggest criticisms of the film boil down to the fact that this movie dampens the legend of Han Solo to a certain extent. It's something that people struggled with during The Last Jedi when Johnson deconstructed Luke's Legend. Seeing things like The Kessel Run, Han getting his last name, and how Han gets the Falcon pale in comparison to our imaginations upon watching A New Hope. Yet it makes sense that Han would play up these moments in his life while stopped at a cantina, thus building his legend. So these revelations don't hurt my enjoyment of the movie. Other things, such as how Han and Chewie meet, meeting Lando for the first time, his relationship with Q'Ira, Beckett's mentorship, all help build Han into the smuggler we know and love. It's not the best Star Wars movie, it's a simple good one.

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