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She Is The End by A.C. Weston

April 19, 2018

I had a great time reading this book, the characters pop off the page. They're one of the best complex collection of personalities I've read about in a while. Goren started off mildly annoying, but by the end I loved that little idiot. Milo was a badass, a brute forged by pain with a grudge against the the Aydors. Ky brought a sarcastic wit that deflected from his own complicated past, just when I thought I had him figured out another layer was revealed. Tannor was the brains of the operation, her smarts also make it difficult for her to trust people which made for some surprising developments with the bevy of secrets held by this group. Relai was vulnerable, flawed, heroic, and brave; everything you want in a protagonist. She has her own ghosts she has to exorcise as she learns to trust these complete strangers that may or may not want her dead. Even the bounty hunter protagonist Runn was a really interesting character with a cool design and nefarious personality. The story had me pondering what would happen next, but I never got ahead of the characters which made for some nice surprises. I was a little thrown off by the more modern Earth characters and culture that was unaware of the  'alien infestation', it reminded me too much of Jupiter Ascending in premise, but thankfully as the story went along it worked for me. The two Earthen characters grew on me as they became more invested in the central events of the story. They weren't my favorite part of the story, but they made for some interesting developments in the plot. One other thing that caught my attention was that all the characters have a weird sexual tension between them at one point or another, it didn't take me out of the story or anything, I just found it humorous while reading.

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