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Goldenhand by Garth NIx

June 18, 2018

After re-reading Lirael and Abhorsen I was excited to finally delve into Goldenhand. Unfortunately, a large portion of the book seemed to drag its feet before getting to the engaging final act. I greatly enjoyed the new character Ferrin, and how she represented an unexplored portion of The Old Kingdom. The problem came when her scenes would ramp up only to be cooled off by the awkward burgeoning romance of Lirael and Nick. The constant switching of scenes that would pick up where their previous chapter left off was mildly annoying and left me a little lost at times when trying to remember where the characters were and what they'd been doing. Eventually the romance aspect picks up to feel more genuine, and the stories begin to find a groove with each other I just wish that'd happened before I got half way through the book. The third act was great though. Once all the characters begin to interact more, life is brought into the story. Sabriel remains my favorite character in this universe and finally getting some much needed scenes between her and Lirael was great. There are some really good things that expand the world of The Old Kingdom in this book. The problem was that this should have either been a shorter adventure or framed in a better way so that the story moved along better. If you're a fan of the series, I'd recommend Goldenhand for the things it does well, but it doesn't quite match the levels of Nix's previous entries in the series.

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