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Detroit: Become Human (1st Playthrough) *SPOILER*

May 27, 2018

The world of Become Human starts off simply enough. People use Androids to do the things they don't want to do. Yet by the end of its run things boil into a full blown revolution. My journey followed three androids. Kara, a caretaker android protecting a young girl and keeping her head down. Markus, who once had an amicable relationship with a human but finds himself as a symbol of revolution after his master dies. Connor, a detective android with a grumpy partner. 

In my journey with these characters Kara was able to protect Alice and avoid authorities at every turn. Sleeping in cars, bringing her memory back after getting wiped by a mad scientist, and hiding out with smugglers on their way to the free land of Canada. Markus slowly begins to embrace a violent approach with the human overlords. He constantly questions if his decisions are the right course, but knows he's been presented with few alternatives as his peaceful moments are only met with violence. He finds love in a fellow android named North, who remains a confidant and source of reassurance along the way. By the end, Connor is the third RK 800 model. The first one dies saving a girl during a hostage crisis on a rooftop. The second death came when he shielded his human partner from a deviant android with a machine gun. Each iteration develops more and more humanity from interacting with his partner Lt Hank Anderson. 

All three characters cross paths leading up to an explosive finale. Markus leads an attack on an android concentration camp. Connor seeks out reinforcements at Cyberlife HQ. Kara takes Alice closer to the Canadian border after reconciling with her abusive human father Todd (It's revealed that Alice was an android child all along). Connor meets another RK 800 model but manages to convince Hank that he's the "good" one after the two engage in a scuffle. Then things started to go bad. Markus gets shot several times, and refuses to accept North's heart to live. He passes hoping the dream will carry on without him. Unfortunately, the android revolution is pushed back by superior forces killing North and countless others. Connor arrives with reinforcements to retake the city, but discovers its a ploy by Cyberlife to control the city of androids through the illusion of freedom. Rather than become Cyberlife's puppet, Connor takes his own life. Meanwhile Kara and Alice make their way across the lake to reach Canada. Coastal patrols shoot up their boat rendering it dead in the water. Alice is shot, Kara throws everything off the boat in an attempt to save her daughter before jumping into the dangerously frigid water. It ends up not being enough as Alice dies in her arms on the Canadian shore. Kara, frozen and alone, decides to allow her system to shut down while holding Alice tightly.

That's my first playthrough. That final chapter was just a tidal wave of sadness that resigned me to committing to a darkest timeline entry. It was still so good though. I haven't yelled that much at a plot line since the Quarian-Geth conflict at the end of Mass Effect 3. 

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