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Dax Harrison by Tony Valdez

May 12, 2018

When I first heard about Dax via Inkshares, I wasn't 100% on board. I was worried it would be completely parody more emphasis on the humor than anything engaging. I'm relieved to know those fears were unwarranted. Yes, there's a lighter, more humorous element to the story but that's more the icing layer on a perfectly made cake. The characters are all so realistic and each serve their own role on the team. The easy comparison is Guardians of The Galaxy due to the adventure/humor hybridization. There's also elements of Serenity/Firefly in the crew dynamic. The universe definitely takes inspiration from Star Trek, with their "Human Alliance". Dax Harrison is an amalgamation of Star-Lord/Capt Mal/ Kirk. He's a coward with a conscience, he hates that people respect him because of a lie yet doesn't deny the perks of the job. Logan: the female lead, who's the truly capable hero of story,  is great. She's actually a trained soldier, capable of taking charge and completing a mission without the main character. They're dual protagonists really, even though it's Dax's journey they both hold equal power in the story which is tough to do but Valdez pulls it off. Kiko, the spunky 11/12 y.o mechanic is a delight. SAAM, Dax's A.I. assistant brings EDI levels of humor. Even Sanders, Dern, and O'Reilly got chances to shine. I liked the villain as well. Eyldwan might have been a more traditional nefarious villain, but he did his role perfectly. He's a character with a singular driving purpose, and I was okay with that. 

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