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Ant Man

April 23, 2018

When I first watched this movie, I didn't get the love I was reading from critics and fans. After finally watching it a second time, I get it. Scott Lang is a highly capable thief. He has skills that get over shadowed by the character's humble sensibilities and Rudd's comedic chops. The relationship with Hope and Pym is really well done. It's clear she is much more qualified than Lang, but her father's fear prevents her from supporting in that way. This makes much more sense in context of the capabilities of The Wasp outfit, and the fact that he's willing to trust her with more advanced tech than Lang. I still like Cross as a villain, his complicated relationship with the Pyms made sense. Pym rejected his own darkness, then turned away when he witnessed it in Cross. That shunning only seemed to amplify Cross's ego to prove himself to Pym as an equal. Luis has a few good moments, but I didn't love or hate the 'support staff' of the team. They were as integral as the ants to the mission and that worked out. In the end I'm really excited to see the continuing adventures of these characters, even if the movie isn't one of my favorites.

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