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Kingdom by Rachel E Wollaston

March 20, 2018

I devoured this book every time I opened it. The characters were so well detailed, and the world was filled with beautiful imagery. Pepper literally falls into Imaginationland (though the likelihood of South Park fans crossing over into this one is low), immediately I was reminded of Narnia and the author doesn't shy from that influence but this is a very different adventure than the one through the wardrobe. I was never the target demographic for this book, but I enjoyed it a lot. Everything felt earned. The romance (which throws a red herring at you, something I enjoyed), the motivations of the characters, the rules of the world, they all work together to make for an enjoyable read. There are a few typographical errors in the later chapters, but none that brought the story to a halt leaving me guessing what she was trying to say. The romantic aspects did get a little melodramatic towards the end, yet as mentioned earlier, it felt earned. There were consequences in this word of sunshine and rainbows. I think Tantary is ripe for more exploration, whether with Pepper or, if she takes the Narnia approach, Peter and Lilly. There is one loose end that never got wrapped up that would have made it a more complete book, but if Wollaston decides to return to Tantary we might get to explore that angle.

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