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Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

January 1, 2018

I never read Zahn's original novels concerning Thrawn in a post-ROTJ world. I was then introduced to him via Rebels, and while I found the character interesting he wasn't much more than a really tactical Imperial. After reading this book, it seems either the Rebels writers were neglecting to truly delve into the character in order to (a) give Zahn a chance to tell his backstory, or (b) focus more on their heroes. Even Arhinda Pryce, is given so much more depth as a character via this novel than she has in three seasons of the show. Once again, the show is called Rebels so I can't blame them for not focusing on the Imps in the same way as a book focused on that faction. 
I fell in love wauthor would know. A majority of the our impression of Thrawn is through the lens of Eli Vanto. An ensign familiar with the legends of the Chiss with humble aspirations of being a freighter pilot. All he wanted was to graduate from the academy and live a life as a cargo pilot. Thrawn takes him under his wing, and his evolution is one of the many reasons I enjoyed this book so much. One of my critiques though is that there are moments where Thrawn appears naive to political situations despite being informed about them consistently. Prior to that he struggles knowing basic phrases of the common tongue. However, whenever we see these flaws in his character its through the eyes of another character, specifically Pryce or Vanto. As a result there's a constant feeling that maybe they're underestimating him, but it's never proven one way or another. By the time I was finished I finally understood why fans of Zahn's earlier Star Wars Legends stories were so excited to see Thrawn officialy return to the New Canon.ith Thrawn throughout the novel which details the major events in his ascension to Grand Admiral. I love that he's smarter than just about every character in the novel, and I love that he encountered Anakin Skywalker during The Clone Wars. Whether or not that's a Clone Wars episode that was never released or simply a touch of flavor by Zahn, only Dave Filoni and the aformentioned

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