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The Golem Cypher: T.R.I.X by B.V. Bayly

January 1, 2018

This one took me while to get through. I love the relationship between Cadell and Trix. It's similar to Agent Venom from the Spider Man comics, in that there's a disabled soldier that forms a bond with a shape-shifting organism. I like that the "aliens" are all mutated humans, except for Trix who is in fact an alien life form. The action is really well written, especially when The Golem becomes involved. The plot dragged for me because I hadn't developed a connection with Cadell and Trix until about a third of the way through, when Sanctia is introduced. Her relationship with our two protagonists breathes new life into the story, giving it a sense of stakes and immediacy. It does slow back down for a bit after that, but by then I was invested in the fates of these characters.

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