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Shudder Inn by A.R. Wise

January 1, 2018

Once again Wise hooks you in with compelling, detailed characters that you want to spend time with. Wise isn't afraid to go to the dark places in his characters and I think that's what makes them so relateable. By dark, I don't mean brooding or vengeful, though those happen, I mean their greatest fears and weaknesses are exposed to the reader. Whether they're dealing with addiction, psychological illness, or physical illness Wise's characters feel real because they truly show us who they are even if the world of the book misses it. We see them overcome their personal demons alongside the very real threats they face. Once again, he kept me on my toes to the point that whenever I thought I had a good idea of what was going on he flipped the script on me. It's in the same universe as the 314 Trilogy, and there are tons of cool references to those events throughout the book. Any time a book can make me question my own reality, it's done it's job. Shudder Inn is another successful novel by Wise, with all the heartrending moments and nightmarish imagery that have been present in his other novels.

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