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Halo: Smoke and Shadow by Kelly Gay

January 1, 2018

Rion Forge was one of my favorite parts of the Halo: Fractures anthology so I was excited to see she got an extended adventure. The first few chapters are that same short story, so I skipped that and got straight into the continuation of her story. It's a smaller adventure in the Halo Universe, more grounded, with a Firefly-esque crew. Cade and Rion's relationship is fantastically written, and I think there's a lot of interesting potential for Lessa and Niko. There is also a reference to a certain Banished Brute that makes an appearance in Halo Wars 2, which is a corner of the Halo Lore that Captain Forge has some investment in. I'm completely thrilled that R. Forge is getting more attention, and I look forward to more adventures as she searches for Spirit of Fire.

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