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Empire's End by Chuck Wendig

January 1, 2018

Gritty, bloody, and sand covered, The Battle of Jakku does not disappoint. It's really the big payoff to this trilogy. Jas, Sinjir, and Sloane get some fantastic moments and arcs in the finale. Norra finally becomes the complex hero I wanted her to be. The Interludes return to the galaxy expanding roles they had in Aftermath. Every moment on Jakku gives so much more weight to the junkyard we see in The Force Awakens. Even the throw away title Han calls it in Force Awakens gets a backstory that's creepy as hell. The battle, and the lives lost in it, feel earned. On top of it there are scenes involving Han, Leia, and their son that twists the knife in a bittersweet moment of happiness.

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Artemis 7: Live Together, Die Alone (#6)

May 18, 2018

One Day. That's how long it took before everything started to unravel. Hargrove did her best to keep everyone together,

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