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Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

January 1, 2018

I'd heard about this book, and I hadn't heard anything positive. Then I heard Life Debt, the second in the Aftermath trilogy was great, but I should probably read Aftermath to be introduced to the main characters. Finally, knowing the third entry was about to come out I decided to order all three and read them back to back. Much to my surprise I really enjoyed Aftermath. I found most of the characters to be interesting, and I loved the vignettes showcasing the galaxy trying to recover in the final days of the war. Like every Star Wars narrative there's a crew that comes together to go on missions. Our main characters are a bounty hunter, a former imperial loyalty officer, a rebel pilot, and a teenage mechanic. Pretty par for the course in a Star Wars story, whether its Rebels or KOTOR. Yet, I grew to like each one. Yes, the kid is a little annoying albeit with good reasons, but Jas, Mr Bones, and Senjir make up for Temmin's weaknesses. In fact the "captain" of our burgeoning squad Norra Wexely is probably the least interesting character because she's relatively "vanilla" in the world of Star Wars being an Ace Pilot for the rebels that also participated in the trench-run in Jedi. Rae Sloane is an interesting piece on the Imperial side, but its clear she's the only imperial that's looking at the bigger picture. Wedge also appears but he's really just a connective plot device to bring our characters together. If you were excited for a story about what the more renowned Star Wars characters did following Jedi you're better off sticking to the films or other books. If you love the world of Star Wars, I think you'll enjoy the first entry in this new novel trilogy.

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