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Logan Review

March 6, 2017

It's hard to use hyperbole when discussing this movie. It's not an exciting, thrill ride that you can't wait to discuss with your friends. It's heavy. If you watched the Logan trailer where the Johnny Cash "Hurt" cover played then you know exactly what you're in for. It's violent, but not cartoonish. There's a brutality to Logan that has been unseen in "popular" superheroes. Sure, Blade was violent, but most people didn't even know that was a comic series, and even fewer know he's a part of marvel. That's not to say it's without a few laughs to break up the tension. There's plenty of laughs, with most coming from Charles Xavier of all people.  My favorite was one that referred to him being a monogenarian. Laura, also known as X-23 in the comic book world is fantastic. My favorite scene of hers is when the main antagonist tries to calm her down while becoming increasingly terrified of her coming for him. This is very much a family road movie that happens to have adamantium claws and severed limbs. It feels like an independent Oscar movie starring the two most famous X-Men characters. 

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