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Life Debt by Chuck Wendig

February 27, 2017

For me life debt is a bit of a step down from how much I ended up enjoying Aftermath. There's plenty to like, the characters from the first book continue their path here, Wedge has a larger role in this one though he's still sidelined, and there's more Han and Leia. My two favorite characters from Aftermath ,Jas and Sinjir, get some more focus than they did in Aftermath. Norra becomes a much more interesting character, and Temmin makes up for his childish ways in the previous installment. My problems come actually with the Han and Leia sections, or more specifically their dialogue. It's not until a ways into Han's entrance into the book that his lines feel like Han Solo, and Leia, despite finally making a big move late in the game, mostly frets about her husband's whereabouts and the New Republic's unwillingness to help him and the Wookies. Rae Sloan's part gets interesting but not until later in the story, when the new antagonist Gallius Rax begins pulling the strings in big ways. My other gripe is that while there were less interludes, there weren't as many nuggets that got me excited for the Star Wars world in general. Life Debt is a lot of build up to bridge Aftermath and Empire's End, if Empire's End builds off of that set up then I'd call it a success. 

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