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Beneath White Clouds

January 11, 2017

This book  was filled with originality, interesting characters, and a sense of humor. My favorite character was Zenni, a droid/A.I. with a disdain for his cuddly programming. Think if K2-SO from Rogue One got trapped inside a mechanized dog, and you'd get this wonderful creation. Our protagonists both have their own entertaining journeys, whether its Martin an every-man that loves his family but doesn't stand for injustice; or Modun a young man slowly uncovering there's more to life than toiling away in the mud. One of the coolest parts for me was the realization early on that this was a twist on the world of The Jetsons. There's a lot of similar technology used by the Munson clan, though their family is less idealized than their animated counterparts. There's even a moment where the youngest son was accidentally called Elroy by the author. The book did drag a bit around the middle, but once the third act is set in motion its an exciting thrill ride with tons of laugh out loud highlights.  In the end this is a fun, original take on the future of humanity and what it means to be human.

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